Real estate

The real estate market in Poland is not one of the easiest. Even more so the legal issues related to it. Real estate regulations are very extensive and can be found in many legal acts. They cover not only civil law contracts, but also administrative law.


Each investment is different. Before starting it, it is necessary to know all the legal aspects related to its purchase or the conditions of the investment process on a given plot of land. It is essential to deal with all legal formalities and obtain decisions as soon as possible. After all, each day of delay may turn out to be a big financial loss for the investor.


  • In matters that require cooperation with other professionals, in order to ensure comprehensiveness of services, the real estate law firm cooperates with notaries, financial advisors and real estate appraisers.
  • acquisition of real estate (transfer of ownership),
  • acquisition and analysis of documentation/decisions necessary in the investment process,
  • analysis of the legal status of real estate from the secondary market,
  • regulation of legal status of real estate,
  • legal support in case of conflict with the developer,
  • expropriation process and compensation related to it,
  • tax analysis related to real estate,
  • proceedings for the determination of real estate acquisitions,
  • division of plots of land,
  • regularization of the content of the land register in accordance with the actual legal status.


Basic service includes verification of documents and real estate before purchase:


  • verification of the development agreement;
  • analysis of the land register;
  • analysis of zoning plans.

Legal audit of real estate


A real estate legal audit (due diligence) is the process of detailed analysis of documentation on the legal status of a property and the opinions of appraisers. It is also the process of gathering the information necessary for analysis by a real estate lawyer. Its purpose is to identify possible risks associated with the acquisition of real estate. A good real estate lawyer can not only identify these risks, but also suggest ways to minimize them.

The firm also offers real estate legal audits indicating what risks may accompany an investor in the acquisition of real estate.

Services are directed not only to business entities (developers, limited liability companies, joint stock companies, housing communities), but also to individuals seeking assistance with investments or with the acquisition of real estate for their own residential purposes.