Medical law

For many years we have been successfully serving medical service providers affiliated with various legal forms, from large joint-stock companies to small clinics run by individual entrepreneurs.

When providing legal advice, we are primarily concerned with the need for the entities cooperating with us to ensure that patients are served properly and in accordance with the law. Being aware of the fact that medical law requires balancing the interests of both entrepreneurs running medical facilities and patients, and simultaneously acting in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the National Health Fund, we look for the best, legally permissible solutions to improve the process of providing medical services.

We provide day-to-day services to medical entities including:

  • in statutory matters;
  • registration;
  • In the area of medical record keeping;
  • advertising and promotion of medicinal products;
  • We conduct negotiations and disputes with contractors;
  • we draft and give opinions on various types of civil law contracts entered into by medical entities.

We advise on matters related to the employment of physicians and pharmacists, as well as individual patient issues including :


  • related to obtaining access to medical records;
  • we specialize in litigation and disputes with the National Health Fund (we draft protests against decisions of the Director of the Regional Branch of the National Health Fund and appeals to the President of the National Health Fund);
  • We also monitor on an ongoing basis the dynamic changes in the law on medical activity, on the professions of doctor and dentist, on patient’s rights or in the pharmaceutical law, so that we can immediately carry out the necessary legal assistance in this area.