Privacy Policy

Our Responsible Approach and Care for Clients’ Interests require us to use an appropriate information protection system. We take special care to ensure that information obtained while providing service is not disclosed to unauthorized individuals. In implementing our privacy policy, we employ the following methods of information security:


  1. Technological Security: This includes using antivirus, anti-hacking, and anti-spyware software that meets high standards. We also use secure locks to protect access to our office premises, as well as locks on all cabinets storing documents.
  2. Legal Protections: This encompasses appropriate statements and clauses in contracts with employees and cooperating entities, as well as special internal procedures, including a confidentiality policy.
  3. Organizational Security: This involves limiting access to documents, including the archive, to authorized personnel only. Document transfer to and from our office is done using secure confirmation procedures. Additional information in correspondence is carefully protected, and document destruction is carried out using appropriate equipment. We also have building security measures in place, a detailed log of employee and visitor entries and exits, and more.