Institutional clients

The Law Office IURICO offers legal assistance primarily addressed to legal entities, who constitute the vast majority among the so-called institutional clients. Nevertheless, IURICO offers legal assistance to all types of institutional clients. Detailed information on the offer is contained in the specializations and industries tab. The experience of the Law Firm guarantees legal assistance to a very wide range of clients. Therefore, the Office’s offer is directed to:


  • entrepreneurs, including domestic and foreign capital companies, as well as international corporations,
  • domestic and foreign partnerships, as well as individuals conducting business,
  • investment funds,
  • administrative bodies, local governments, municipalities and offices, including central and chief executive offices,
  • social organizations and all kinds of local governments, including professional ones,
  • community centers, interest circles (motorboat, fishing, hunting, etc.),
  • housing communities, housing cooperatives,
  • trade unions,
  • associations, foundations, water companies.

The highest standard of legal services for companies in Wroclaw

Professionalism and reliable approach to the duties we provide make IURICO law firm a reliable partner in legal services for companies from Wroclaw and all over the country. With comprehensive knowledge in many areas of legislation, we are able to offer you comprehensive legal care. As a reliable partner with many years of experience, we not only react to situations that arise concerning our clients, but also anticipate possible legal consequences, proposing in advance the most advantageous solutions in our opinion.


Regardless of whether you run a small, medium or large enterprise, entrusting us with the legal service of your company in Wroclaw gives you the opportunity to fully focus on the strategic tasks of the enterprise and its development.


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Legal services for businesses Wrocław – range of services provided

Realizing a comprehensive approach to the legal care of entrepreneurs, we provide a full spectrum of legal services dedicated to business entities. Within the framework of cooperation with companies, our law firm provides such activities as:

  • supporting clients in adapting their business to the changing legal situation,
  • keeping abreast of changes in regulations relevant from the perspective of the Client’s business,
  • representation in proceedings before financial, administrative, judicial authorities,
  • Support and advice on current issues,
  • Opinion and drafting of documents – contracts, resolutions, minutes, etc.,
  • participation in negotiations, mediations and out-of-court disputes,
  • debt collection and many other services.

Legal services for companies Wrocław – flexible approach

We take an individual approach to each cooperation, taking into account the specifics of the company or industry. We always prioritize the interests of our clients, understanding both their current and long-term needs. Regardless of the situation, we always try to work out optimal solutions for entrepreneurs, taking into account both the current legal realities and the actual state of affairs.

Legal services for public entities 

Our domain is not only legal services for companies in Wroclaw and throughout Poland. We are equally committed to working with all public sector etities, providing comprehensive support in the preparation of documents and bylaws, providing consulting services or representing them in various proceedings. Knowledge and flexibility in action allow us to successfully defend the interests of associations, foundations, public benefit organizations and local and state administration.

In terms of legal services for entities in the public sector, we offer advice and support in key areas, such as public finance management, public procurement law and access to public information, conducting cultural, educational, sports or social activities.

Comprehensive legal services Wroclaw

Many years of experience combined with constant monitoring of changing regulations make our law firm a trustworthy partner for business and the public sector. We are open to cooperation with all business entities as well as non-business institutions. We will be happy to undertake comprehensive legal services for your company or any other activity. If you would like to obtain detailed information and discuss the scope of cooperation and obtain an individual offer – on our website you will find the telephone number and e-mail address for contacting our law firm.