Labor and Social Security Law

Labor and insurance law is one of the most sensitive branches of law, being the ground for numerous litigations between employers and employees, and between the insured and the Social Insurance Institution. Therefore, these matters are handled in the Law Firm by a group of experienced specialists whose work is focused on the subject of relations between employees and employers and the service of trade unions.

We provide comprehensive services to:

  • employers and trade unions;
  • We draft and provide opinions on labor regulations;
  • remuneration regulations;
  • employment contracts;
  • collective labor law agreements and other internal documents;
  • we advise on the maintenance of employee documentation;
  • working hours;
  • employee vacations;
  • termination of labor relations;
  • as well as on conflicts between employers and employees;
  • aiming primarily to prevent them.

We also handle litigation concerning:

  • appeals against termination of employment;
  • mobbing;
  • the imposition of punishment by order;
  • jubilee awards;
  • crediting time spent working on a farm to seniority, etc.

We act for both employees and employers, each time striving for the fastest and most satisfactory conclusion of the case before the court.

We also advise our clients on social security matters, both at the pre-court and court stage.

We prepare appeals against decisions of the Social Insurance Institution and conduct cases before the court in the field of being subject to social insurance, assessment of social insurance contributions, or entitlement to benefits, pensions.