Bankruptcy and restructuring

We offer assistance in business bankruptcy, as well as consumer bankruptcy. We help recover debts from bankrupt debtors, as well as provide legal assistance to entities in a situation threatening bankruptcy.

The Firm’s services include.

  • Preparation of a bankruptcy petition;
  • initiation of restructuring proceedings;
  • representing a creditor in bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings ;
  • filing of claims.

Bankruptcy proceedings – how can we help?

We have extensive experience in providing legal assistance to both businesses and individuals in financial difficulties. One of our primary activities in this area is bankruptcy proceedings. However, before we proceed with it, we check whether there are other ways to solve the problems of entities facing bankruptcy. We individually analyze each case, pointing out solutions tailored to current legislation. We choose the most effective way out of the debtor’s financial problems. It is worth remembering that such procedures do not always have to be conducted in court.

In a situation where the only way to regain financial stability is through bankruptcy proceedings, we can handle the entire process from the beginning to a satisfactory conclusion. First of all, we offer assistance in preparing the bankruptcy petition. We always do our best to ensure that the document meets all the formal requirements and passes the verification in court without any problems.

As part of our cooperation, we also explain to our clients the various stages of bankruptcy proceedings – we discuss how to establish a list of creditors, liquidate assets or pay off liabilities. We make sure that some money is secured to cover the costs of normal functioning of the person who declares bankruptcy. In addition, we represent clients before creditors, offer ongoing legal advice on bankruptcy proceedings and prepare the necessary documentation on an ongoing basis. A properly conducted procedure allows you to effectively free yourself from debt and regain financial peace of mind.

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Restructuring of companies Wroclaw – what services do we offer to entrepreneurs?

Early response to financial problems can protect the entrepreneur from many negative consequences, such as the need to conduct bankruptcy of the business in progress. One of the most effective solutions in this regard is the restructuring of the company. Wroclaw is a city where many entrepreneurs have decided on such a step and avoided the deepening of economic problems. At our Law Firm, we offer legal assistance in carrying out a comprehensive restructuring.

Restructuring of a company is a process involving a number of actions in the organizational, capital and legal areas of a given entity. Its purpose is to protect against the need to declare bankruptcy. The solutions implemented in this regard should focus, among other things, on improving the company’s liquidity or reaching an agreement with creditors.

At our Law Firm, we offer professional assistance in selecting the appropriate restructuring proceedings, initiating such a process, preparing the necessary documents and representing the client before all authorities. We can also provide substantive support in the case of negotiations or composition proceedings. Thanks to our actions, the entrepreneur can gain time and tools to improve the financial situation of the company.


Not only bankruptcy and restructuring – in what additional areas do we help?

The activities of the Law Firm also include professional support for the other side of debt disputes – the creditors. First of all, we help recover debts from bankrupt debtors. We are involved in the comprehensive preparation of a notification of claims to the trustee when a person who owes our client money declares bankruptcy. The notification prepared by experienced experts, in accordance with current legislation, affects the effectiveness of the recognition of claims.