Banking law

Nowadays it is impossible to function without banks and payment institutions – every person has a bank account, a credit card or a credit agreement. However, regulations on banking law in its broadest sense can be complicated and unclear – both for financial institutions and their clients. The firm has many years of experience providing legal services to Polish and foreign banks and payment institutions. We analyze regulatory issues, prepare and provide opinions on regulations and contract templates, develop legal positions and opinions on bank secrecy and banking law in its broadest sense, and provide representation in interim and court disputes.

We also provide assistance to consumers in disputes arising from banking contracts, especially against the background of the existence of abusive clauses in them. As a result, our team of lawyers understands the needs and expectations of both sides of the transaction, which enables us to provide comprehensive legal assistance to both banks and their clients.

The range of services we offer to individuals includes:

  • representing our clients in disputes arising from the use of prohibited contractual clauses by banks;
  • conducting negotiations of indebted clients with the bank and acting as an attorney at the stage of court proceedings for the purpose of the so-called debt relief;
  • Providing legal advice on banking law;
  • Providing advice during the credit procedure;
  • restoring creditworthiness involving verification of personal data in bank registers – colloquially known as clearing the BIK and BR registers.


In order to provide services to banking institutions, we focus on, among other things:

  • preparation of legal opinions occurring in trading;
  • preparation of contracts and other documents needed to conduct business;
  • conducting court and enforcement proceedings;
  • conducting ongoing debtor recovery;
  • registration of branches of foreign entities.