Public and local government institutions – legal services Wrocław

Legal services for public institutions

Servicing public institutions, such as public administration bodies, cultural and social welfare institutions, offices and various types of services, is a complex matter that many entities operating in the legal services market are afraid to undertake. However, a specially established team of our law firm has been deepening its knowledge in this area for many years, expanding its reach and the number of serviced entities from year to year.

Legal services for local governments

Our lawyers provide legal assistance to local government units, cultural and educational institutions, special economic zones for small business and private entities using public funds.

We advise these entities on:

  • organizing and participating in tenders;
  • access to public information;
  • real estate management;
  • spatial planning and development;
  • conclusion of civil law contracts;
  • giving opinions on local laws;
  • interpretation of local government laws;
  • observing the rules of public finance discipline;
  • maintaining cleanliness in municipalities;
  • hiring employees;
  • jubilee awards;
  • uniformed services;
  • investment processes of local government units;
  • cooperation with non-governmental organizations;
  • as well as local taxes and fees.

We prepare documents, rules and regulations required in the activities of public and local government institutions, we prepare drafts of administrative decisions and decisions, resolutions of municipal / city councils. We offer our clients professional legal assistance at every stage of the public procurement procedure and at the stage of contract execution. We provide representation of our clients in appeal proceedings before the National Board of Appeal and before the courts.