Mergers, acquisitions and M&A restructuring

All our corporate clients can count on a professional and individual approach to the matters entrusted to us, with the aim of arriving at the ultimately most advantageous solution. Such an approach, directed at meeting specific needs, is particularly important in carrying out and advising on transactions:


  • sale of shares in limited liability companies,
  • sale of shares in joint-stock companies and limited joint-stock partnerships,
  • transactions of change of partners in general, partnership and limited partnerships.


With our extensive experience and legal and business assistance, we also support clients in:

  • the course of transformation of capital companies into partnerships and vice versa,
  • creation and liquidation of branches of companies and foreign entrepreneurs,
  • preparation of applications for the initiation of restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings (both on behalf of debtors and creditors),
  • internal restructuring of companies.


We also advise and represent our clients in litigation over the exclusion of a shareholder from the company, squeez-out cases and the acquisition of shareholders’ shares.

M&A transactions – considerations and benefits from the perspective of both parties to the deal


When analyzing the issue of corporate mergers, it is useful to keep in mind the overall context of the situation and the motives governing both parties. The operational perspective places mergers, acquisitions and restructurings in the area of increasing business efficiency and expanding access to advanced technology. Merging companies into a single business entity entails expanding access to customers and increasing the existing sphere of influence. Mergers generate great potential for lowering business risk while reducing the cost of raising capital. Microeconomic economies of scale become apparent in mergers and acquisitions. However, the condition remains that the entire process is carried out in accordance with the applicable legal order and business know-how. IURICO Law Firm supports entrepreneurs seeking to restructure by equipping them with effective legal instruments and advisory assistance. We deal with many types of mergers and acquisitions. We have worked with companies in vertical, horizontal, or conglomerate mergers. Each of these offers tremendous opportunities for financial improvement and increased marketing reach. Both mergers and acquisitions create a new environment for companies, fitting into their financial, operational and marketing strategy.

The IURICO Law Firm addresses the topic of mergers, acquisitions and restructuring in a comprehensive manner, taking into account the multi-stage nature of the entire process. At the preparatory stage, it becomes crucial to develop a legally compliant merger strategy. Its integral element remains the definition of transaction terms, followed by a thorough analysis of the operating model of the merger candidate entity. The construction of legal and procedural foundations affects the later success of the venture, so the care of an experienced law firm proves to be a key supporting factor. We then move on to negotiations involving valuation, contract development, creation of a combined offer and determination of the financing model for future operations. In the case of horizontal and concentric mergers or acquisitions, the proceedings proceed at a slightly faster pace, due to the technological and offer compatibility of the two entities. A slightly greater challenge is faced by companies making vertical and conglomerate mergers, which are characterized by different product lines and economic paths.

During the final stage of an acquisition, IURICO Law Firm’s legal assistance focuses on stimulating the integration process and representing clients in all organizational issues. Legal support during a merger extends to the operation of the merged company in the sensitive months immediately following the restructuring, fraught with situations requiring immediate action. The conclusion of a merger or acquisition transaction opens a new chapter in the life of a company, and outsourcing legal services for M&A transactions guarantees effective handling of the diverse nature of the challenges.


Legal support during a merger – due diligence and cost optimization

The legal support during mergers offered by IURICO law firm goes far beyond the standard package of services. M&A transactions require extensive analytical knowledge embedded in legal and procedural foundations. Based on our many years of experience, we offer clients a full-scope verification of the status of the company to be acquired, with particular attention to its liabilities, completed or pending criminal and administrative proceedings or tax burdens. Due Diligence results in the creation of a complex report, which is the key to an effective decision-making process. We realize how important a factor that guarantees the effectiveness of a merger is an adequate legal and tax strategy, created in cooperation with specialists in each of these fields. IURICO Law Firm has a team of tax experts whose tasks revolve around optimizing the operating costs of the new business entity and creating a clear structure for tax documentation.