Administrative law and administrative court proceedings

It almost seems a truism to say that administrative law is present in the life of every citizen. However, it is undeniable that at a time when practically every matter requires it to be handled at the appropriate “window” through the relevant public administration body, essentially every action taken to realize a given right or fulfill an obligation involves the initiation of the appropriate type of administrative proceedings.


Our lawyers provide ongoing advice on administrative matters, assisting both individual clients and businesses.


The firm provides legal advice in areas that require proper interpretation and interpretation of regulations and clarification of ambiguities that may arise in state-citizen and entrepreneur-citizen relations. We direct our activities towards the most efficient and speedy conclusion of proceedings before a public administration or tax authority.


We have experience in preparing all kinds of letters, applications, complaints, appeals (including to the Samorządowe Kolegium Odwoławcze – Local Government Appeal Court) and in mediating in cases pending before the competent authorities.

We also provide professional legal assistance in the course of proceedings before administrative courts, representing clients as professional attorneys, drafting complaints and responses to complaints to the Regional Adminisrative Court (WSA) and Supreme Administrative Court (NSA), as well as any other pleadings in administrative court proceedings.