Pharmaceutical and Food Law

The firm also offers comprehensive, taking into account the individual needs of the Client, advice on pharmaceutical and life science law matters.


Among other things, we advise on issues of advertising and promotion of medicinal products and pharmacy advertising by evaluating advertising campaigns and materials and supporting Clients in disputes with competitors.


  • We draft licensing agreements for documentation and registration of medicines for the purpose of their approval for marketing in the country and abroad, dedicated to specific registration procedures.
  • We provide opinions on agreements for the distribution of drugs to authorized entities and wholesale trade.
  • We advise entities operating in the market of medical devices, dietary supplements and foodstuffs for special medical purposes.


We verify the health claims of entities operating in the food market, and advise on meeting the requirements of mass nutrition, including those directed to children and adolescents.

Pharmaceutical Law Wroclaw

Providing support and comprehensive legal services to entities in the pharmaceutical and food industry is one of the most important areas of support offered by our Wroclaw Law Firm within the framework of medical law. We appreciate the development of the broadly understood pharmaceutical sector and the responsibility that these entities assume in connection with the introduction into circulation of medical devices, dietary supplements or means for special nutritional use.

We are also aware that conducting such activities requires, among other things, an excellent knowledge of the regulations that govern the marketing of such products. We are aware of how difficult it is to market a new drug or food product and to advertise it effectively, operating in specific legal realities.


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Legal support for the pharmaceutical and food industry

In order to ensure that entities operating in the pharmaceutical and food industry meet restrictive conditions and legal requirements, we provide real, and substantive support in the field of pharmaceutical law in Wroclaw and throughout Poland.

Our clients can relief upon comprehensive assistance in matters of pharmaceutical law, as well as in issues regulated by the Food and Nutrition Safety Act. We offer support in such areas as providing opinions on information placed on packaging, the manner of promoting products or issuing opinions on the procedures for approving pharmaceutical and food products for marketing.

Medical law Wroclaw Law Firm

In addition to providing advice and legal assistance on issues governed by pharmaceutical law, our Law Firm also specializes in medical matters. Our specialty is providing legal advice, issuing opinions, as well as representing medical entities in administrative and court proceedings.


Lawyers employed at the firm are well acquainted with the problems faced by entities involved in marketing medical equipment, distributing medical devices or conducting innovative research. The high degree of regulation of the medical sector by the State requires adjusting many aspects of day-to-day operations to frequently changing regulations, which often makes it difficult for medical and pharmaceutical companies to effectively achieve their business goals.


When it comes to medical law, our Law Firm in Wroclaw and throughout the country is able to provide you with a wide range of support, both when it comes to processes related to manufacturing, distribution and the implementation of marketing campaigns for medical and pharmaceutical products. We will help you develop a strategy tailored to your individual needs and the specifics of your business, in order to facilitate the functioning of the market, while maintaining competitiveness.

Legal services for entities in the medical and pharmaceutical industries

We also provide assistance in adjusting internal procedures and production and distribution standards to current legislation. If you need support in adjusting your business to the requirements of pharmaceutical law, Wroclaw is a city where you can count on the support of IURICO Law Office.

On our website you can find contact details of our Law Firm. We are open to both advice on current issues and long-term full-service legal services.