Debt trading and mass debt collection

The law firm has been providing advice on debt purchase and sale transactions for years. We draft and review contracts in this regard and advise on collateral for debt trading transactions.


  • We assist in negotiations between the debtor and the creditor, which often make it possible to establish convenient forms of debt repayment while avoiding additional costs associated with litigation,
  • We represent the client in amicable proceedings, which means that we try not to bring the case to the court stage in order not to expose the client to additional costs,
  • We conduct both litigation and enforcement proceedings.


We help our clients recover their receivables or purchased receivables. We conduct intensified debt collection activities starting from the pre-court stage and amicable telephone debt collection. Action patterns developed over the years allow us to complete the collection process by concluding an out-of-court settlement with debtors. In the absence of an amicable settlement, we direct the case to injunctive or writ-of-payment proceedings. We also have the ability to conduct mass debt collection in electronic writ-of-payment proceedings.


In the course of enforcement proceedings – we advise our clients to choose proven, effective bailiffs with whom we have established long-term cooperation and who enjoy our trust. In this way, we build a competitive advantage over other law firms that send cases to bailiffs who do not always fully exemplify successful debt enforcement. In addition, we conduct continuous monitoring of receivables. We also advise on the enforcement of real estate by verifying its value and choosing the most favorable course of action for the creditor.

We act efficiently, trying to reduce your costs as much as possible – taking into account the expectations of the client, we strive to obtain repayment of the debt in the shortest possible time.

For our clients we have, among other things, encumbered debt packages with registered pledges. The law firm and its associates acted as administrators of pledges on receivables and debt packages. We advised on the sale of debt packages in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings, also from the perspective of a pledge administrator.