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Maciej Skory PhD and Bogusław Sołtys PhD hab, University of Wrocław professors – Partners of the

combine extensive theoretical knowledge that they acquired as lecturers at the University of Wrocław, with over 20 years of practical experience in comprehensive customer service within the Law Office of Legal Advisers.

As part of legal services, our team of lawyers provides professional support for enterprises at every stage of business operation. It also delivers legal assistance to individual clients. In addition to comprehensive legal services, IURICO can also be commissioned to perform a specific task or a single action.

We respect hard work, foster innovation and value creativity. We know that it is impossible to achieve goals or build a strong and prosperous company any other way. That is why we act so that our clients can optimally implement their plans. We make sure that no events or legal regulations stand in their way. We create a well-coordinated team of professionals who, thanks to their diversity, are able to provide comprehensive legal support for each project.

Our main goals are the profits and success of our clients, which is why we always want to be helpful in gaining them. We improve our qualifications all the time. We are not afraid of new and complex challenges, we provide well-established approach to solving problems our client faces, we offer specific and optimal solutions. We believe that we can contribute to the triumph of our clients thanks to experience, knowledge of the market and high professional competence, combined with scientific passion.

We customise our offer, taking into account the needs of a given industry, the needs of our  Customer, and above all – the economic aspect of each solution. We consider conditions of the market on which the Client operates. We speak the language of business. Our goal is providing safe and effective solutions. Punctuality and effectiveness are crucial for us, and we value the quality of implemented projects above all. To achieve these goals, we have developed appropriate tools: a system of recording and archiving orders, a modus operandi of order execution and a confidentiality policy.

Arbitration courts (arbitration, amicable courts) – an alternative, to the public courts – are an ideal solution for firms. Proceedings before an arbitration court should be fast, predictable and of high quality, this is what today’s entrepreneurs need. Amicable courts, that is, seeking to resolve disputes in such a way that its parties can continue to do business together after the conflict is resolved. We invite you to learn how to use the Arbitration Court at the Lower Silesian Chamber of Commerce.

The law firm is a partron of the Court of Arbitration


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