Legal services for companies Wrocław

In a dynamically developing economy, which undoubtedly includes the Polish economy – which is an important part of the European market – private law entities come to the fore, including in particular companies (both corporations and partnerships) and sole proprietors. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that each trade or service branch – in addition to common business laws – is also subject to specific legal regulations.

Trade, services, distribution

Our law firm specializes both in serving entities operating in the general trade industry, as well as in specialized industries, including: the pharmaceutical industry (such as drug manufacturers, pharmaceutical wholesalers or pharmaceutical carriers), the construction industry (for more see “Construction and Building Materials”), or the banking and insurance industry (for more see “Banking” insurance and financial intermediation”), as well as: high-tech (IT), media and advertising, publishing and press, food industry, energy, recycling and heavy industry. Our effectiveness in advising and representing all commercial law entities is ensured by our relevant knowledge, which includes knowledge of special regulations, as well as our high qualifications and many years of experience – including in serving multinational corporations.

We specialize in contracts:

  • carriage,
  • forwarding,
  • warehousing,
  • logistics services,
  • insurance,
  • brokerage and contracts, for the insurance agent,
  • agency and brokerage, distribution structures,
  • promotional systems,
  • loyalty programs,
  • advertising actions.

We offer both support in the creation of a new, dedicated agreement from scratch, taking into account the client’s guidelines, and support in the process of negotiating the drafted agreement with the counterparty. We also offer analysis of contracts already concluded if problems arise in the course of their execution.