Intellectual and industrial property

Today’s market is saturated with intellectual property rights. The entrepreneur’s company, the name of the product, the shape of the packaging – all these help distinguish the entrepreneur from other market participants.

Entrepreneurs are eager to use the services of professionals who professionally prepare designs, arrange catchy names or create a distinctive logo. This allows the product to acquire the characteristic of originality, so that consumers can associate it with a particular manufacturer. Entrepreneurs achieve tangible benefits in this way, so it is worth taking care of proper protection for names or advertising slogans, but also for inventions and utility models, i.e. certain solutions of a technical nature.

The legislator has provided legal protection for the above under the broadly defined intellectual property law.


  • Inventions;
  • Utility models;
  • Industrial designs;
  • Trademarks;
  • Geographical indications and topographies of integrated circuits. 

It will allow you to secure your rights.

Within the scope of our activity, we perform examination of the protective capacity, as well as registration of the above-mentioned trademarks, inventions, utility and industrial designs, geographical indications and topographies of integrated circuits.

We also provide legal assistance in all problems arising under copyright law.

The firm provides services in reviewing, negotiating and preparing technology transfers, licenses and other agreements, regulations and documents.