Individual Clients

The Law Firm’s experience gained as part of providing services to professional business entities allows us to provide services also in the case of more complex legal problems faced by individual clients. In today’s increasingly complex world, individuals – just like all market participants – are exposed to significant risks. These risks require professional approach, because their degree of complexity is no less than that occurring in advanced business relations. Our Law Firm offers individual clients legal assistance covering various complex issues, primarily including in the following areas: 

  • disputes with financial institutions, especially banks;
  • claiming compensation, including from insurance companies;
  • real estate issues, including determining the legal status of land, neighborly disputes, border disputes, abolition of joint ownership, division of real estate, matters related to the sale of real estate, prescription;
  • disputes with developers and property managers, as well as contractors of construction, renovation and adaptation works;
  • liability for defects in things (cars, buildings), including those acquired by purchase or donation, as well as defects in the objects of rent, including negotiations and conducting disputes;
  • disputes with social organizations – cooperatives, associations, foundations, in particular in the scope of exclusion from the organization, deprivation of rights, defective calculation of contributions and other receivables;
  • managerial contracts, including their preparation, content analysis and participation in negotiations, determining the effects and conditions of termination, calculating bonuses, taking into account incentive programs, compensation;
  • employee issues, concerning, i.a. termination, collective and individual redundancies;
  • generational succession – issues related to the transfer and division of personal property (but also shares, stocks, real estate, etc.) to the legal successors. These issues include the preparation of appropriate regulations in the event of death (wills, bequests), regulation of the legal status of assets, appropriate transformations of companies, advising and conducting proceedings for confirmation of inheritance acquisition, division of inheritance, liability for inheritance debts. 

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Civil law

One of the areas in which our law firm provides its services to individual clients is civil law. As part of the support we provide ongoing legal advice, advise on the conclusion and construction of contracts, focusing on the possible risks and looking for optimal legal solutions. An experienced legal advisor, like an attorney (barrister), can be a valuable support for you when it comes to constructing a draft contract, issuing a legal opinion or representing you in the proceedings – for years we have been providing such services to those who cooperate with us.


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Another important area in which we have helped many of our clients over the years is obtaining compensation and asserting their rights in proceedings for damages and compensation. As a compensation law firm in Wroclaw, we provide comprehensive support in cases of compensation for motor vehicle damages, for unperformed contracts or for medical malpractice.

Family law

Part of civil law is family one, regulating all legal relationships arising from kinship, affinity or adoption. As part of our services, we offer advice and legal support in cases of divorce and separation, alimony, child custody, inheritance proceedings or inheritance cases, as well as in other areas of family law.

Division of assets

As a law firm with many years of experience, we also provide you with full support in property division cases. We offer our assistance both in proceedings before the court and by settlement, when the division of property is done by agreement. In a situation where property community ceases between spouses, e.g. as a result of divorce or separation, death of one of the spouses, declaration of bankruptcy or establishment of property separation, the support of a legal advisor or attorney (barrister) from Wroclaw may prove invaluable. The division of property is a complex process, requiring a great deal of commitment and legal knowledge. Experience and excellent knowledge of the law make us a trustworthy partner in such proceedings.

Property law

Ownership of real estate, the circulation of movable property, its sale and lease, but also the acquisition or transfer of property rights are issues governed by property law. Also in this matter we are able to offer you professional support, providing legal advice and representing our clients in administrative and court proceedings. We also provide opinions, prepare contracts and other documents, as well as assist in mediation and negotiations between parties to a dispute.

Compensation law firm Wroclaw – support in the fight for justice.

Whether you need legal advice, support in preparing a contract, or you need help in a dispute with the insurer, we provide comprehensive legal services. We invite you to contact us to schedule a consultation and agree on the terms of cooperation. We are confident that with our experience and individual approach, we will be able to develop solutions that will optimally protect your interests.