Litigation and administrative disputes

In our practice, we primarily try to prevent litigation by providing comprehensive legal assistance at the stage of negotiating and signing contracts. 

However, it is not always possible to avoid litigation. In such cases, we offer professional legal representation.

Our lawyers have extensive, long-standing experience in conducting cases before common and administrative courts. We offer services both for entrepreneurs and private entities – in proceedings including economic, civil, financial, labor law or administrative cases. We also represent clients in security and enforcement proceedings and bankruptcy proceedings.

Disputes over the performance of contracts

One of the most common subjects of litigation under business law are claims for executed and unperformed contracts. We offer a full spectrum of support to entities that choose to resolve business matters through litigation or in the form of administrative proceedings before the competent authorities. We deal with, among other things:


  • enforcement of claims for contract performance,
  • economic cases concerning withdrawal or default of contract terms,
  • disputes arising from the termination of a contract ahead of schedule.

We provide comprehensive legal support for the collection of contract receivables in such areas as transportation, construction, intellectual property protection and many others. At the same time, our domain also includes litigation regarding settlements between investors, contractors and subcontractors.

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Business cases – Law Firm in Wroclaw

One of the areas in which proceedings may be initiated in business cases is also the law of commercial companies. Our support in this area concerns, among other things, the exclusion of shareholders, the cancellation of resolutions, or the enforcement of financial claims between individual shareholders.

Business dealings equally often involve real estate, which is why we comprehensively guide our clients through cases and litigation concerning, among other things:

  • abolition of ownership or co-ownership of real estate,
  • division of real estate,
  • settlements of expenditures incurred for the maintenance of real estate,
  • as well as the distribution of profits from its sale, and in many other matters that can be resolved on the basis of judicial and administrative proceedings.


Litigation for damages

Our business cases often also involve compensation for damages caused by faulty performance of a contract or failure to fulfill its terms. Support in proceedings for a claim for compensation can also be obtained by those who have suffered damage as a result of an accident at work, a medical error or the commission of a criminal act.

Tax matters

Another of the areas of law in which our clients can count on professional help and support are tax cases resolved before tax and customs authorities, as well as before administrative courts. The litigation handled by our firm often concerns appeals against decisions of tax and revenue authorities, concerning such matters as:

  • Value Added Tax (VAT),
  • income tax,
  • excise tax and fuel duty,
  • real estate tax and agricultural tax,
  • perpetual usufruct fee,
  • as well as many other tax receivables. 

In terms of litigation and administrative disputes in tax matters, you can count on our full support, and extensive experience. We provide representation before administrative authorities, as well as ongoing advice on legal and tax issues.

Assistance in cases before courts of all instances

Our Law Firm offers a full range of assistance, both when it comes to proceedings in commercial cases, as well as any other court and administrative disputes. Working with us, you can count on an individual approach, allowing us to develop the most advantageous litigation strategy. At the same time, we keep clients informed about the progress of the pending case, responding to the current legal and factual situation. We invite you to contact us to discuss the details of cooperation.