Legal assistance in banking – Wroclaw

Almost every person in his life has to deal with the conclusion of contracts in the field of banking, insurance and financial intermediation, which are now the basis of any economy. In this subject, it is extremely important for each party – in order to avoid litigation – to ensure the clarity of contractual provisions and the proper protection of the interests of the parties. This issue is particularly difficult for consumers to understand, and also requires careful analysis to protect the rights and interests of banks or representatives of the financial and insurance industry.

Insurance lawyer Wroclaw

The firm has extensive experience in serving insurance, credit and financial intermediaries, as well as banks – providing them with advice on banking and financial law in its broadest sense, including capital market law or investment funds – while taking into account the extremely important law of competition and consumer protection. We also advise consumers in disputes under banking contracts, as well as disputes with insurance institutions – enabling our legal team to fully understand the expectations and problems of both sides of the transaction.

Assistance in financial intermediation

We offer assistance in negotiating contracts in this area, drafting them, as well as in analyzing the provisions of contracts already concluded. We draft positions and opinions, as well as provide legal assistance in resolving disputes – both at the interim and judicial stages. We also conduct due diligence audits. We address our offer to banks, insurance and financial intermediaries, as well as consumers.


Offer to serve agents/partners of banks and financial institutions in protecting their collective interests