Public procurement

The market for public contracts in Poland, awarded on the basis of the law (tenders), is estimated at up to PLN 140 billion. With this in mind, it should be emphasized that due to the rigid legal framework to which tender documents must conform, the assistance of lawyers specializing in this issue is required – of which our Law Firm’s team is one.


The offer of our Law Firm includes – depending on the function that the Client performs in the public procurement procedure (contracting authority or contractor) – the preparation of:

  • a model tender agreement;
  • a template of the Terms of Reference (ToR);
  • the tender offer;
  • questions to the ToR;
  • remedies (in particular, an appeal to the National Board of Appeals);
  • analysis of the model contract presented by the contracting authority and identification of possible contractual risks.
  • As well as representation before the authorities of the proceedings.