Agreements and contracts

In its activities, our Law Firm undertakes the preparation of ready-made contract templates, taking into account the needs of our Clients, as well as reviewing the content of the documents presented to us, previously executed by the Client or its counterparty. 

Taking into account the wide range of industries in which our Clients operate, we prepare or analyze each agreement both in terms of compliance with regulations – general and special – and in terms of our Client’s interests. 

We also assist in the process of negotiating individual contractual provisions, explaining to our clients and their counterparties the essence of the solutions adopted in the contract or the comments made, often leading to a successful conclusion of the negotiations, satisfying both parties. 

Our offer and experience includes the preparation and review of contracts concluded both between domestic and international entities (and in selected foreign languages, especially English). We have no problem with both named contracts, listed in the Civil Code or other laws (such as a construction contract, supply contract or contract of carriage), and unnamed contracts (not regulated by generally applicable laws), as well as mixed ones, exhibiting features of various named contracts – depending on the needs and expectations of our clients.