Construction and road investments

Entrepreneurs operating in the real estate and construction or road investment market require particularly thorough and insightful legal services, including a full and professional assessment of the profitability of planned projects and the legal risks involved. Only this kind of comprehensive analysis of the activities of construction entrepreneurs and investment processes, allows to minimize risks while maximizing profits and ensuring full satisfaction of clients.


Our extensive knowledge and legal experience allows us to effectively advise on infrastructure projects:

  • in the construction of roads, sewers, railroads,
  • transmission networks,
  • wind farms or power plants, as well as planning infrastructure projects and obtaining permits and decisions necessary for entrepreneurs, including construction permits and notifications of construction works,
  • execution of complex construction contracts based on FIDIC.


For the needs of our clients, we carry out a risk analysis of real estate acquisition based on available records, cadastre, maps, spatial information systems and other available documentation, negotiate and mediate agreements with road managers on the implementation of non-road investments, real estate acquisition transactions (including buyouts, expropriation and “land company” acquisition transactions).

We advise on agricultural land transactions and the implementation of the state’s (KOWR’s) right of first refusal.


We also provide our professional assistance in the conclusion and amendment of construction contracts, as well as their termination and rescission.

In contentious situations, we assist in the assertion of warranty or guarantee claims, as well as compensation for improper performance of works and damages related to defective contract performance.

We represent clients in disputes related to the construction process (on the side of the investor, inspector or contract engineer as well as General Contractor (GW) or Subcontractor (PW), and also prepare claims based on FIDIC.