Distribution systems and loyalty programs

The introduction of distribution systems and loyalty programs is now one of the cornerstones of marketing activities. However, legislation does not comprehensively regulate the issues related to their implementation.

The safest solution is to develop regulations for such programs, organizing their basic rules in such a way that the rights of consumers are also guaranteed.

We offer comprehensive legal services for the implementation of such programs by our clients, from advising on the feasibility of their introduction to drafting or giving an opinion on the regulations.

With our extensive experience and legal and business assistance, we also support clients in the course of:

  • transformation of capital companies into partnerships and vice versa;
  • creation and liquidation of branches of companies and foreign entrepreneurs;
  • Preparation of applications for the initiation of restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings (both on behalf of debtors and creditors);
  • internal restructuring of companies.

We also advise and represent our clients in litigation for the exclusion of a shareholder from the company, squeez-out cases and the acquisition of shareholders’ shares.